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Derrolyn Anderson

I'm a writer, painter, and a reader.
I don't review, but if you like random humor, funny kitties & book related art or writing inspiration, you've come to the right place.



Take the QUIZ : http://lonerwolf.com/introvert-or-extrovert-test/






Interesting. I'd never heard the term "Ambivert" before.


I'm often accused of "going hermit", because I'm capable of being alone for long stretches of time. I could spend days on end painting, writing, or puttering around in my garden and be as happy as a pig in mud.


But when I party, I turn into Chatty Kathy. I've always thought that it was odd that I could swing wildly back and forth - Going both ways, LOL.


Ambivert. That must be it :)  More here :  http://lonerwolf.com/ambivert/