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My Answer to a (possibly fake) Journalist's Question...see source for link

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I no longer post reviews at Amazon because I've always used my real name, I don't belong to the sunshine-enema-five-stars-for-all school of reviewing, and have been snarled at once too often by a troll who thinks her or his opinion is RIGHT and therefore I am WRONG when I disagree with him or her.

I'm moving my reviews off of Goodreads...all 872 of them...because the same mentality has taken virulent and strangling hold there since the Amazon purchase. I cannot prove these things are causally linked. I mention them together because I suspect the hideous culture of screeching at reviewers whose opinions are not those desired to be heard by (mostly) self-published authors has found a snug haven in what was once a respectable and respected independent review venue.

Now it's Amazon Lite, and will more than likely become the next Shelfari. (Which has no credibility among sentient reading netizens.) I contributed an essay to OFF-TOPIC, a collection of pieces about the angry response to Goodreads' unannounced and inexcusable abuse of user-created data. My parti pris is clear. I use no name but my own for book reviews and I have never said anything other than: The less an author says or does, the better for her or his reputation and future career. Ms. Rice coming out in favor of compulsory "honesty" and "transparency" is very amusing to one old enough to remember when she consented to having her erotica published under the name "A.N. Roquelaire" to keep it separate from her Vampire Chronicles.


Source: http://www.amazon.com/forum/top%20reviewers/ref=cm_cd_pg_newest?_encoding=UTF8&authToken=&cdForum=Fx2Z5LRXMSUDQH2&cdPage=1&cdSort=oldest&cdThread=Tx3QYM832Y5BR7Z