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Now I have self control!

I downloaded the "Self Control" app today, and I must say, it worked like a charm.


"Self Control" allows you to block any feature on the 'puter (mail & websites) for a pre-determined amount of time, and once it's set into motion the timer cannot be tampered with. It can't be undone by restarting either! I think most people use this to keep themselves away from Facebook, but since I avoid that like that like the plague it's all booksites & timesinks for me.


Da-amn! I blocked myself for three hours and got nearly an entire chapter written, plus some good editing and plotting done. It was downright comical how many times I automatically tried to log onto Booklikes or e-bay. I blocked Goodreads, Pinterest, Tumblr, and my Amazon sales figures too ;)


This way, all of the usual suspects are off limits, but I can still go on Bing or Google and do research while I write.


I expect to be exceedingly prolific this year, LOL.


Kitty say thumbs up :)