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Wine Central Station


Went to my tenth " Taste Of Sonoma" event yesterday. Moving slowly today.


It was held at a beautiful Healdsburg Ranch which was purchased by the actor Fred MacMurray in 1941. Fred raised his family in this bucolic valley.

There were tents organized by the major Sonoma County wine making appellations, representing the Russian River, Alexander Vally, Dry Creek, and Sonoma Valley regions.

Unimaginable amounts of wine, too numerous to list:

The wines were paired with food from dozens of local restaurants. Like delicious roasted corn chowder...


Smoked pork with habanero corn relish...

Spicy shrimp ceviche...

It's hard to take pictures with your phone in one hand and a wine glass in the other :P

There were mini fish tacos, ribs,and lots of amazing pork belly apps.

Gorgeous mushrooms in puff pastry :

Us ladies grabbed some swag and had a blast :)

And we got droned!!!

There was ALSO beer on tap and delicious artisanal liquors...

Did I mention desserts? I tried raspberry gelato, strawberry miso ice cream, butterscotch & chocolate pudding & these beautiful macarons:

Needless to say, it was an over-the-top gorgefest, as evinced by this drunken selfie:

But never fear! We took a cab there and back, returning home to continue the bacchanal in our backyard. Until next year...