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VOTE! Please help me pick my cover!

Hello everyone! I'm a few days away from publishing my latest book, "After Last Call", and I've made some covers for it.


Won't you please help me by choosing your favorite cover from the three I have posted here? I'll be obnoxiously re-posting this a few days this week, and then I'll gather all the feedback I get from Booklikes & Goodreads to pick the final-final.


The story is a romantic-suspense / murder-mystery set in the eighties.


Here are the covers:




 ( looks like they all got a hair shaved off the right side here )


Thumbnail versions:


#1   #2   #3


Here's the blurb:


"Lola is ready for a change. She's blown the first half of the eighties drifting aimlessly through Miami's cocaine-fueled nightclub scene, so when a sweet-talking stranger comes to town she allows him to sweep her off her feet and clear across the country.


Predictably, things don't go according to plan, and Lola finds herself on her own for the first time in her life. A new job offers her a second chance at a fresh start, but just as things begin to fall into place a reckless workplace affair leads to a friend's disappearance, exposing two dead girls with one man in common.


Ensnared in a web of deceit and danger, Lola must decide whether to run from her troubles once again or take a stand and fight for her new life--only this time, she's threatened with more than just the loss of her independence."



Please leave your choice in the comments. Thank you!