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Derrolyn Anderson

I'm a writer, painter, and a reader.
I don't review, but if you like random humor, funny kitties & book related art or writing inspiration, you've come to the right place.


Gobble Gobble Hey


Happy Thanksgiving week to all of my American friends, and a great weekend to all!

Silly cat of the day.

Yeah, its been a while, but this one was just too cute not to post.

I like turtles.


Yeah kid...



What's not to like?

Creature Feature


Vive la France!



Sometimes it's slow going, but any progress is good progress. Still plugging away :)

If food spoke the truth.

Classical Yuks

True Story


You know it's true!  I have two black & white cats, so I'm screwed either way.

Happy Hallowine ;)


Wishing everyone a great one !

Word Of The Day

On Writing

Toxic Employees


Very interesting. I have no employees, but I can see some of these types in myself & others.

The struggle is real.

Java Junkie



Unrepentant addict.